My take on Dark Souls II DLC (spoilers)

The Souls series has always been about overcoming challenges. The sequel to Dark Souls received mixed review among fans. Some found the content too easy and the level design somewhat flat.


The DLC changes this around. This DLC is one of three parts that will have you traveling around Drangleic to retrieve the crown of kings. The first DLC is the Crown of the Sunken King. The setting takes place in Shulva, an ancient city build around a sleeping dragon. It’s located after killing The Rotten. The entrance is in the primal bonfire room. Those who’ve purchased the DLC will have a special key that will allow you access to the content.



The layout and design for Shulva is reminiscent to old RPGs in the past in which heroes traverse down the earth in the name of exploration and treasure. Shulva is a glory of its former self. It’s noticeably rundown in the temple areas of the game. Destroyed pillars and structures litter the area. What’s noticeable right away is the labyrinth feel. Switches that raise and lower pillars to the ground add a sense of verticality.

There are multiple paths to the same route, although some are littered with dangerous enemies that seem to have an obscene amount of poise. The invader AI has received a huge upgrade from their vanilla counterparts. They have near unlimited stamina, have a wide variety of tricks, and possess human-like behavior. They can still be tricked, but you will have a harder time dealing with these invaders.

There are three bosses in the game. Elana, Sinh, and the Trio Gankers.

The trio is optional and one of the hardest to do solo. Much like the invader AIs in the DLC, they can deal absurd amount of damage, are extremely aggressive, and have tracking that seems borderlines on cheating.



Elana is Nashandra 2.0 with the ability to summon and is hyper aggressive if attempt to solo her.



Sinh is the dragon fight we’ve all been waiting for. The Ancient Dragon in vanilla was boring to fight and extremely easy to cheese. Sinh loves dishing out damage from above and flies around the map leaving you to rely on hit and run tactics. The themes to all three bosses were memorable and provided an atmosphere that overtakes anything from vanilla.

I wholeheartedly recommend this DLC. For ten dollars (or the season’s pass), you get access to some of the best content Dark Souls has ever delivered. Its difficultly, level design and boss designs is some of the best around. If the quality of the DLC is an indicator for things to come, then rest ashore that the next two DLCs will be equally as hard and engaging like the Sunken King. I cannot wait.