Arisha and the holidays

It’s been a while since I had played Vindictus. It’s a third person action game by DevCats and is published by Nexon. The combat is intense and the learning curve high. If you are not used to reactionary combat in video games, then this game will be a challenge.

Arisha was released not too long ago. She uses a spellsword. Her damage is mainly magical, but her combat style feels like a melee fighter. She’s interesting. She is the epitome of glass cannon in cloth gear. Wearing heavy armor/light would rectify her defense issues. However, beingĀ able to dodge and using mana drain perfectly is the only way to excel with this class.

I had a ton of fun playing this character. It’s a nice change. The game currently is streamlined to the point where people can level their characters to 60 in a couple days. There are still issues lingering with this game. Server lag is at an all time high and praying to RNGesus is the only way to get drops that you can sell for gold. But if you have the patient, then it’s not too difficult to get gear and gold in this game. Cash shop is an option, but it’s not necessary.

Playing with a group of friends makes the overall leveling and grinding tolerable, but the quests in the game serve to expedite your leveling experiences all the way to level 60. Then the experience starts to dwindle a bit. Since there is a double xp/ap event this week. It’s best to take advantage of it.

I have some more content to post later during the week. With the holidays around, I’ll be busy all week. I wish you all a happy holidays!



Almost over

The semester is wrapping up. You should see my room right now. It’s a complete mess. I’m looking forward to playing some Path of Exile. I feel I should start another character. So much has changed that starting over would be the right choice.

I would also focus on tightening up my writing. My grammar and pronunciation is my number one priority. I need to master the fundamentals.

it’s a short post today. I have way too many papers to edit and write.

Sim out!

Lack of updates

I’ve neglected writing anything for the past couple months. To be honest, I should have no excuse for this. Laziness? Probably. I’ll try to be consistent now that classes are ending. I’m going to be using the winter break to tighten up my writing. On another note, I will be updating this blog with gaming related entries, short stories, and some poetry.