The Frustration of Gaming

Video games entertain us with gameplay, story, and music. There is a flip side. Video games can rile you up, make you so angry that you want to throw your gaming peripheral out the window. I didn’t come across this issue in the early days of Sonic and Panzer Dragoon. Now when I play Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, I lose it sometimes. The frustration when you make every possible perfect play, only to lose to something so random, so out there, that you just freak out. League of Legends is the most frustrating game I have ever played. My mood switches from jubilation to frustration and anger in an instant. Your team can be winning a game so decisively until someone accidentally throws the game into their favor. Ranked matches is the pinnacle of frustration. Want to win that promotional match? Not going to happen because someone on your team gave up in the first ten minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to describe the rage boiling in me when I play competitive games. Does it spill over into the real world? It does. When it happens, get up from your chair and cool off. The one mistake that I see people make is bringing the anger and frustration into the next set of matches. Never let your emotions run wild. It will cloud your judgment. Calm down and reassess what you are doing wrong and push forward. To do well in video games, you need to be calm and analytical. Analyze a person’s or a boss behaviors and apply the appropriate measures for it.

Off topic, I start classes this Wednesday and my time will be tied up writing papers and reading. Did I mention New York City is now experiencing blizzard like weather? Great. This freaking sucks. Now that my rant is over, I can play some more League of Legends. Gods help me.


PvP Nostalgia

PvP is what keeps me playing a MMORPG. After the novelty of the new content wears off, you are left with only raiding, dailies, and PvP. I started playing World of Warcraft mid-TBC. I was immediately picked up by a guild on Skullcrusher. I was one of the three shaman healers in our raids. We were the best. PvE content was challenging, but it’s novelty wore off after we cleared Black Temple for the umpteen time. Even before I was in the guild, I was involved with 2v2s, 3v3s, and 5v5s. At this time, arena PvP was in it’s infancy. Setups were still being beta tested and optimal gear setup was at a premium. It’s a competition. Who had the better gear? Who was the better player? I wanted to be the best and I got close. I was a duelist on my restoration shaman and my retribution paladin. When you pull wins from close matches, the feeling was second to none. I was subjected to the PvP environment as soon as I brought the game and arrived at The Barrens. Anyone who is not familiar with Warcraft, The Barrens was located in Horde territory and was primary a low level questing area. From time to time, the enemy would come in with their high level characters and go on a grieving spree. I was a victim. It left an impression on me. I wanted to exact my own grieving onto the Alliance and I realized this could be used to draw people for some good open world action. The rest is history

PvP is not for everyone. For me, it’s an essential component in a MMORPG. It was a needed outlet for my anger and frustration, especially in my high school years. PvP was therapeutic. Also it was just damn fun. Blasting your favorites tunes while kicking ass is amazing.

It keeps bringing you back in!

Have you ever stop playing a game, only for you to go back to it? Diablo 3 and Vindictus has sucked me back into it’s world.

Diablo 3 is an ARPG I love and hate. I love the improved loot system. You are almost guarantee an item for your character. Whether it rolls the stats you want is up to RNJesus. The combat is fast, flashy, and hectic. When you get the proper gear, monsters just die left and right. You become this god smiting ants. Recently I got my Demon Hunter a full set of Marauders. The set bonus and a high crit damage weapon makes you an unstoppable killing machine. I was able to destroy Torment five and Torment six required kiting. Diablo 3 gives you that sense of power. Unlimited Power!

Vindictus, while it has a questionable cash shop system, is a game that requires skill. Raid bosses can be challenging, especially those in season two. I play an Arisha, arguably one of the try hard classes in the game. Spear Lann would be number one, but Arisha stays a close second. Her fragile nature lends to the excitement. When you master her, she becomes the goddess of maneuverability. Bosses can’t touch you once you get her timings down. Going solo against a raid boss is the ultimate challenge. You have what it takes to kick that dragon out of the sky? Just give it a go in practice mode and see how good you are.

There are games singing their siren song, calling out to you, telling you to come back to them, leading you to possible social ruin. It felt great going back to these old games and seeing how much it has changed since their launch. It’s gives you a sense of nostalgia, reliving the good old days. At the same time, you are experiencing new things, enriching what you had known previously.

Gaming Music

Depending on the game, I normally play music appropriate for the situation. For instance, if I’m in an intense 1v1, I play SN Music-Alarm. It adds tension, gets the heart pumping, and fuels my drive to take the enemy down. This is not always the case. Developers have been adding stellar soundtracks into their games. FTL has some of the best music available in gaming. The Sci-fi electronic music adds a sense of urgency and sets the atmosphere. Soundtracks in games far surpass music made by those “artists.” I rather listen to the complete Destiny soundtrack than subject myself to today’s garage (it’s not always the case).

The Cold

My nimble fingers, now sluggish and unresponsive. No it’s not a medical condition, although poor blood circulation might have something to do with it. Winter is the only time of year where the cold makes my video game experience miserable. Want to pull off that long combo? Nope. You miss like one or two keys and you fuck up. It’s an annoying problem. I tried gloves, but it’s worst than having sluggish fingers. I haven’t come up with a solution that would fix this issue. Portable heat lamps? Watch my electric bill go sky high. Although comfort at this point out ways any monetary problems. We all spend more money on cooling and heating during the summer and winter.

Short post. Sorry for the lack of content. The cold came in and put me under for a bit. I will be posting new content. Shadow of Mordor!!! Love the LOTR Universe and all the literature associated with it.