The Frustration of Gaming

Video games entertain us with gameplay, story, and music. There is a flip side. Video games can rile you up, make you so angry that you want to throw your gaming peripheral out the window. I didn’t come across this issue in the early days of Sonic and Panzer Dragoon. Now when I play Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, I lose it sometimes. The frustration when you make every possible perfect play, only to lose to something so random, so out there, that you just freak out. League of Legends is the most frustrating game I have ever played. My mood switches from jubilation to frustration and anger in an instant. Your team can be winning a game so decisively until someone accidentally throws the game into their favor. Ranked matches is the pinnacle of frustration. Want to win that promotional match? Not going to happen because someone on your team gave up in the first ten minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to describe the rage boiling in me when I play competitive games. Does it spill over into the real world? It does. When it happens, get up from your chair and cool off. The one mistake that I see people make is bringing the anger and frustration into the next set of matches. Never let your emotions run wild. It will cloud your judgment. Calm down and reassess what you are doing wrong and push forward. To do well in video games, you need to be calm and analytical. Analyze a person’s or a boss behaviors and apply the appropriate measures for it.

Off topic, I start classes this Wednesday and my time will be tied up writing papers and reading. Did I mention New York City is now experiencing blizzard like weather? Great. This freaking sucks. Now that my rant is over, I can play some more League of Legends. Gods help me.


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