My favorite Streamers

My two favorite streamers is TheLadeeDanger and Kripparian.

Lets start with Kripparian. It started with his stream of Diablo 3 and his race to hardcore inferno. It was interesting to see him invested into the game. He taught me a lot of tips and tricks, which enabled my own progression. His sense of humor and grief makes it one of the most enjoyable streams. Plus it helps that Slam Jam/FrankerZ combo plays in once in a while. The people in chat are some of the most trolling and offensive people to date. I would not trade it for anything because it’s hilarious. As long as you don’t take chat too seriously, it’s all fun. Kripparian does respond to chat once in a while, but with over 25,000 people watching at peak, it’s hard for him to keep track of the chat. He also uploads regular YouTube videos each week. These videos consist of his opinions of cards in Hearthstone and the events surrounding the game.

TheLadeeDanger is a cosplayer with a relatively small group of followers. She’s a great cosplayer and when I heard she had a stream, I had to check it out. She’s a down to earth person. She responds to comments on chat which makes interacting with her fun. It’s an engaging stream. Since the following is small, the people there have a chance to mingle, which generates a small following that knows one another. Personally, I’ve been invited to game sessions and the matches tend to be on the humorous side. She also has green hair. It’s a plus

So I chose two streamers from the opposite spectrum. Kripparian has a huge following while Ladee has a small following. Kripparian for his hilarious “WHAT!” and Ladee for her attentiveness to her viewers (and the faces she makes). Both of them fulfill the criteria I looked for in streamers. Their personalities is what draws me in and keeps me coming back for more.