My thoughts on Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

I was apprehensive about this remaster version of Dark Souls: enhanced graphics, new items and placement, and new enemy placements. It sounds nice, but I felt it wasn’t going to be enough. I have spent 250 hours on Dark Souls II. So I knew where certain items were, enemy placements, etc. But SOTFS feels different. The new enemy placement changes the game entirely: Cyclops by the river in the Forest of Giants, Cursed Pursuer by the Bastille, the dragon in Heide, and more. There are new red phantoms in the game. One in particular, The Forlorn, provides new equipment for you to collect if you succeed in killing them.

Graphics Comparison (not exact frame by frame, but the details should pull through. Left is DX9, Right is DX11)

The lighting is more dramatic. The colors feel less washed out especially in Heide’s Tower. The Gutter is dark as hell. Majula has a supernova as a sun. King’s Passage lighting is more dramatic. The lighting bounces off your armor and weapons. The fire effects in the game provide the proper illumination. The graphics are crisper and slightly more detailed.

Co-Op is up to six players (up from four). This is a boon for fight clubs and people seeking help clearing content. Although in boss fights, you wouldn’t want more than two summons because of the scaling health. You get all the DLC packaged into this bundle. If you didn’t buy the season’s pass or the individual DLCs, this is a perfect opportunity to experience them in higher fidelity.


The main con of this remaster is the split player base. On PC, DX9 and DX11 will be on different servers. So if you plan on staying on DX9, you can only interact with that player base.

Should you get SOTFS?

Yes. Even if you have all the DLCs from the previous game, you get a major discount for remaster. Twenty Dollars. It feels like a different game and that’s saying something considering my time with the previous version.


It’s been a month and Sins of the First Scholar

The increase workload had made me unavailable to do anything for the past month. Spring Break is on the horizon. It should give me time to actually write things, besides short stories and essays.

Sins of the First Scholar is coming out. I’m kind of hype to see the graphical difference and how it plays compared to the previous DX9 version. It should feel the same, but the new enemy placement and addition support in summoning is intriguing. Since PC will never see Bloodborne, this will have to do.