Rage Cage, Happy Holidays, and Likes

I’m absolutely fuming over in League of Legends. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of my teammates. 1v4? Jumps into the fray and gets killed, blames teammates for not backing he/she up when the team is dispersed. All sorts of shit that happens in game makes me really mad. I call it, The Rage Cage. When I’m in that state, I lose it. I’m on tilt. I start making sloppy plays and events start to cascade towards defeat. It’s bad if it happens in ranked games. RAGE CAGE!

Finally reached ten likes on this blog, which surprises me. Ten might not sound a lot, but every little bit of support helps.

Besides that, I’m still fixing my Korean client for Black Desert because I’m getting some weird stutters that seem unusual. I hope you guys have a Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and all that good stuff.



Black Desert is Kind of Boring (PvE Wise)

Black Desert boring? How dare you!

Anyone who has spent an absurd amount of time on the Korean servers knows that Black Desert is a pretty boring MMORPG in terms of PvE. PvE in this game is a joke. Monsters in the game are damage sponges. There are few monsters in the game that need proper timing and gear to farm, but there isn’t the traditional boss battles found in most MMORPGS. Instances do not exist and farming gear is devolved to a grind fest. I like to think I’m average in terms of gear. I have a +18 Liberto on my Beast Master and a full set of Gold Neils Tree set (purple set). I can handle most monsters in the game with relative ease. Bosses exists in the open world ready for group of adventurers to bring them down. When they are killed, getting gear from them is all RnG. You might get a box of cool gear or nothing at all.

The main focus of Black Desert is the PvP and the sieges that happened with big guilds. I’ve spent some time doing small skirmishes (my preference in PvP). The game’s PvP boils down to this: Gear and latency. Latency to pull off combos and the gear to be able to kill other players. If you’re against a well geared player (and he/she happens to be good), You stand no chance of winning at all. I’ve seen a two versus ten skirmish: a Ranger and a Valkyrie. They took down a lesser geared ten man group in minutes. Of course certain other factors can be accounted for like potions and food buffs, but anything goes in PvP. The PvP is fast and fun unlike the PvE.

Know what you’re getting into if you do buy the founder’s pack for Black Desert Online. The game has no real end game to speak of.  It does have a  deep commerce/profession system: Gathering, horse taming, etc. But if you’re into PvE, this game might not be for you.


How I ascended in ranks in League of Legends

Climbing the ranks in League of Legends can be a difficult task. Depending on placement games, a player can be placed in the four leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These Ranks are then separated into five ranks: Five being the lowest and one being the highest. I was stuck in Silver one for the longest time. Every placement game I’ve played ended in failure. In the preseason with the new masteries and changes, I saw this as an opportunity to ascend the ranks.

My tip to any player stuck in Silver and Bronze is to find a role they like playing most, preferably two in case a position you want is taken. Then find the champion within that specific role and master it to the best of your ability.

I’m a support player at heart. I have an aggro/bully play style. A couple supports stood out for me: Lulu, Bard, Sona, and Brand. I use a 12/18 setup. The keystone I use is Thunderlords. Every third attack does additional magic damage. Combined with a strong offensive support, the damage is so high that it’s sometimes on par with your ADC partner at the early stages of the game.  You want punish the enemy bot lane at every available opportunity. If you can secure the kill for your ADC, go for it. But your primary objective is to bully the enemy out of bot lane, denying them gold and experience. Putting the enemy behind will give you the early advantage, giving your lane an opportunity to take bot tower. Securing an early tower gives overall gold and exposing the bottom jungle entrance for more invasive play.

I main Lulu for the majority of Ranked Games. Her damage output at the early level is high. In tandem with your ADC, it’s possible to kill at level two with Q E combo. Lulu also excels at team fights because her Ult can initiate or save a teammate and her Polymorph and Glitterlance can help peel for your teammates. She has the tools for early, mid and late game.

Last tip is playing on tilt. Don’t. When you are suffering a losing streak, it’s best to cool off. A player is most likely to do irrational things or make the same mistake over and over again when they are in a compromised mental state. Bottom line, you’re probably not thinking straight with a three game losing streak. Take a break. Drink some tea and come back when you’re calm and focused.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to take up a respective role or two, focusing on it, and excelling in it in ranked games.

Kindred and League of Legends

League of Legends can be draining when you play it constantly. Ranked solo queue is a toxic environment a gamer can expose oneself to. Ranked games are a serious affair to some players. It’s a test of skill to see if they have what it takes to ascend the ranks. Losing one game in Ranked is upsetting, but it isn’t enough to deter most players from starting again. However, when you are on tilt from multiple losing games, then things start to look sour. The player becomes angry, frustrated at their teammates and their lack of ability.

I am one of those players. It is incredibly disheartening to give it your all only for it to fall flat. I’m stuck in the Silver 1. I have been placed in placement matches to Gold V multiple times. I can almost grasp the ends of it, but it slips through my finger. So I took a long hiatus from League of Legends to give attentions to other games I’ve been missing out. But recently, I found a new champions that renewed my love for League of Legends.


Kindred can be an ADC or jungler. I play her mainly in the jungle. Kindred to me represents the pinnacle of core fundamentals. Since she is squishy, kiting mobs and other players is crucial in their success. She also represents the need for situation awareness. In League, having vision in a nearby bush and in the enemy’s jungle means life or death. For Kindred, Wolf marks a jungle mob inside enemy territory. The player’s objective is to hunt it and the reward is a mark that gives current percentage health damage that stacks.However, the enemy team can see which camp is marked and an enemy jungler might go in for the intercept.  The player needs to know the risk if he/she enters the enemy jungle without vision. Running into the enemy jungler presents a risk/reward scenario. If they get the mark. Cool. If they run into an enemy jungler and win in a one versus one duel, even better. If they die, it spells trouble. This is what makes Kindred fun to play. How a player maneuvers around the field with her makes her a blast to play. It’s a breath of fresh air from the support roles which was my main.




Overwatch Withdrawal

Ever since playing the stressed test beta, I’ve had this craving, this unquenchable desire to play it. Since the game is in closed beta, only a select number of players have access, giving valuable feedback to Blizzard. Supposedly, every Tuesday is a beta wave, randomly flagging accounts to give players a chance at test and playing the game.

Today is Tuesday and the salt is literally raining down from above. Blizzard gave us delicious cake, only for them to take it away. In that cake was a drug that got me hooked to Overwatch. I want my cake back and I want it NOW! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US BLIZZARD! I will do everything in my power to get in. I will construct idols to your glory Blizzard. I will replace the Gaben poster I have on my wall with a poster of Jeff Kaplan. You will have my complete devotion Almighty Blizzard Entertainment!













On a more serious note, I don’t think a wave happened today. If that’s the case, we can only hope there will be one soon because my sanity is slowly withering away.