Overwatch Salt and Update

So Blizzard launched a closed beta wave this week. I sat on my bed, praying to whatever god out there to grant me the luck to receive a beta key from almighty Blizzard. Unfortunately, I was not invited for this round testing.

How salty am I? As salty as the dead sea. I’m working in a salt mine that recently collapsed. My hopes and dreams crushed by almighty Blizzard.

On another note, the closed beta launched with a new game mode called Control along with two maps: Nepal and Lijiang Tower.

Quote directly from Lylirra:

In this update, we’re introducing a brand new game mode: Control. On Control maps, two teams fight over a series of objective areas in a best-of-three format. When a team is in control of the round’s objective area, they will make progress toward capturing it, and whichever team gets to 100% first wins the round. Each round (up to 3 total) will feature a new objective area located in a different part of the map.

They also implemented players vs bots for players looking to fight Skynet. Six players will be matched up to fight six A.I. controlled characters.

A new progression system was implemented with this update. By gaining experience and leveling up, players receive a loot box that contains all sorts of animations, emotes, custom dialogue options, skins, sprays, and more. It allows players to customize their heroes to their preference and give players an incentive to play long term. Another way to get loot boxes is to spend in-game currency called Credits to unlock it.

There’s a host of balances changes to the heroes and the ultimate system. It’s an extensive list. With the changes in place, the game looks and feels different from the stress test weekend I was invited so long ago.

Overwatch is shaping to be a fantastic competitive first person shooter. Overwatch is expected to be released on or before June 21, 2016. I can’t wait. As salty as I am, the hype train is still cruising strong.

Link to to the patch notes:



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