Black Desert Online Opening Cinematic and Closed Beta 2

Is this a joke? The script and Tay Zonday was bad. I could have accepted just music and subtitles, which has already been done and posted on Reddit and Youtube. It drives the hype train down for me. This could had been done better. A new script and a different narrator could have heighten this trailer and the game to new heights, but this trailer is a disappointment.

In other news. CBT2 for Black Desert Online is set to launch on the 18th at 3:00am EST . The beta will be from the 18th to the 22nd of February. Head start for Conqueror’s Package will be on the 28th, March 1st for Explorer’s Package, March 2nd for Traveler’s Package, and the official launch of the game is March 3rd.

I will be up during this time streaming and providing commentary on the state of the game. I’ll see you there!

Link to the Opening Cinematic:



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