Disappearing into the void that is Black Desert

So I haven’t posted in like forever. Well…about a month and a half. Time flies by when you grind more than twelve hours a day!2016-04-02_1512520639

My lovely ranger

The overall experience is great with the exception of  guild drama (guild drama is so fucking annoying). Gear progression has been going well. RnGesus still hates my guts, but on occasion he/she bestows upon my pleb character loots.


That Ogre Ring though…

Recently, I hit 55 and the rush to do anything has died down a bit. I mostly sit in front of Kzarkha (World Boss) all day and fish. PvP is a pain with my low DP, so I plan on getting more stones to get it all to fifteen. Blader and Ninja will probably be coming out mid-April. I’m looking forward to Blader because it was my first class I’ve ever played.

Recently, Daum has released new information on upcoming content that includes new class awakenings, the Elf Lands, and so much more. I can’t wait! It deserves it’s own article.

Until then, I’ll be grinding until my fingers come off. I’ll see you folks in game.


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