The difficulty of streaming

I find streaming difficult. I have heard comments saying how easy it is to make it into a career. I tell them, “you’re crazy if you believe that.” I started streaming on Twitch a couple years back. My rig is pretty old, but solid enough for games like Black Desert Online with some settings turned off. I never thought about making it big. All I wanted was a small following and afterwards combine it with writing. I’m not sure what the writing will consist of. I haven’t completely thought it though.

The biggest hurdle streaming is consistency. I haven’t been able to lock down a schedule in a year. Rogue elements in my life constantly pop up and privacy is an issue. I live with my parents so it’s basically impossible for them not to barge in every once in a while. Living in NYC is rough with rent as high as the buildings, so it’s economically sound compared to living with roommates or trying to find a studio in NYC. I pay for a couple of utilities and some basic necessities. I need to be able to setup a schedule I can easily follow each week. Otherwise growth will be inconsistent and follower retention will suffer.

The second hurdle is the hardware. If you stream games that have low hardware requirements, your setup if its within a couple years won’t matter all too much. However, if you’re streaming games that are fairly resource intensive, you need a suitable system to play and stream smoothly. My hardware is old, but running strong for all the esports related games like Overwatch or Fortnite. The games are on the lowest possible settings for the the highest consistent fps. Luckily my computer has managed to stay running nicely for the past five years, but I’m afraid one day my system will take a dump. I have the necessary funds to buy a new computer, but I want to save up a bit more until then. I have all the necessary peripherals so I’m set. Maybe a better boom arm for my microphone, but that’s it.

The most important aspect in streaming is the streamer. I feel my personality is utter garbage. I feel like I’m trying to force out ta conversation or I’m too focus on the game and being quiet. This aspect of streaming depresses me because I feel my personality isn’t good enough for streaming. Connecting with the viewers is crucial. The lack of viewers and my self-doubts made me stop streaming. Ultimately its the will of the person behind the camera that leads to great success, but I feel I’m a weak individual with terrible social skills.

I do want to try streaming again when my situation is less volatile. I don’t know… Maybe streaming is not with me, but the dream of connecting with others through this medium is enticing. It’s why I have lingering thoughts on the matter. As cliche as it is, only time will tell…or something along those lines.


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