FGO Valentine 2018



I’m not prepared for this. I thought it was going to be some Valentine rerun, but this is so evil. JAlter/Setsubun was a bait gacha for this event. SEMIRAMIS! She will arrive tomorrow in all her beautiful glory. I don’t have the quartz or monetary income for this Q_Q. So this event will last about half a month so I will have that one percent chance of scoring a character I’ve long sought after. Like any other event, I will probably farm it to death to get all the materials in shop. I hope you masters are ready. I know I’m not.

On another note, I will post more Overwatch content, but it’ll be my usual rant about competitive ladder. I may write an article relating to things in the pro scene, but I’m hesitant on the subject matter. Anyway folks, I’m out. Happy Tuesday!


Setsubun Event Cleared!

100 floors cleared

The Setsubun Event is winding down. It’s definitely an interesting event for FGO veterans. Due to the lockout mechanics of this event, I had to dig through three to one star servants to clear this event in a manageable time frame. All the tower bosses have some weird mechanics that were manageable for the most part. I don’t have Waver/Merlin to run buster memes, but I do have the servants to run Arts/Quick teams. This event has made me appreciate the three star roster. Sure they’re not as fancy as their SR/SSR equivalent, but the majority of them have synergistic qualities that makes participating in this event easy. My favorite three star (and apparently the majority of FGO players) is Cu Cuchulain, the best three star lancer in this game because of his sheer ability to outlast your opponent. He along side a couple three stars made ascending this pagoda a breeze.

Quick team kicks 200 floor in the face

The last boss of the tower is Kintoki. It posed a bit of difficulty due to berserker advantage against all classes and I didn’t have Abigail or Hokusai in my arsenal. I had two setups I could field for this situation: art or quick. I decided to field a quick team composing of Osakabehime, Maid Alter, Okita, and Mashu. Unfortunately, Okita got smashed early on. I was counting on her to be the trump card of this setup, but poor planning on my part and some bad luck got her killed. At turn five, Kintoki decided to kill Osakabehime instead of Alter. Fortunately, I was able to deploy her NP, which gave Alter a huge boost in damage and survivability. On turn six, I used her NP and finished him off with critical hits on turn seven.

Setsubun Gamer is such an ass

Let’s get to challenge quest of this event. Setsubun Gamer aka Tomoe Gozen was a giant pain in the ass. She has three bars of HP with two minions she can summon. Her NP applies a powerful burn and a debuff that amplifies the former. What makes her even more annoying is the ability to put taunt on her minions. The solution to this problem is to utilize an AOE lancer to bypass the taunt restriction. Ereshkigal and Jeanne D’arc Lily come into mind. Once two bars are depleted, she will buff herself with a five hit evasion buff…five hits. You can brute force the buff away or utilize a servant with buff removal skills. In this case, I have Enkidu’s Presence Detection to remove evasion. A common servant for buff removal is Medea. With the event CE and Medea’s High-Speed Divine Words, she can use her NP in one turn which should put you in the clear. The servants I fielded for this event are Enkidu, Lancer Alter, Jeanne D’arc Lily, a support Tamamo Lancer, and Mashu.

Final Thoughts and other things

DelightWorks did inform the player base to level servants for this event. If you have a huge roster at your disposal, you can clear this event in a couple days or less. It took me most of the event’s duration. I didn’t want to rush it. I took a day or two to farm up experience cards for the servants I lacked to make this event easier. I thoroughly enjoyed this event because it forced me to utilized my entire roster of servants. I hope to see future events of this style in the future. On another note with all the QP given out, I was able to finally max out best kouhai.

bb is best kouhai

I eagerly anticipate the next set of events and the eventual release of part two. It’s definitely a good year to be a FGO player.

Gacha Surprise

A day or two after the Grand Order post, a surprise gacha came out of nowhere.

Kiara Gacha

I shouldn’t be surprised. Every gacha event in the game is a bait for another. Like Moriarty’s gacha and then the next day Proto Arthur shows up. Luckily, the three free tickets from the new missions netted me Kiara, everyone’s favorite ero-nun. All I’m missing is Meltlilith and Passionlips. I just need to believe in RNGesus and it should show…right?

On another note, I should have an Overwatch post coming soon. My last one was me begging to get invited and a year later since the game’s launch, I would like to articulate my feelings to you all my love and hatred for the game. Until then!

Fate Grand Order/Gacha Hell (Not a review)

My first real post in a while and I thought I share my love and hatred for the Mobage (mobile game) Fate Grand Order. The game is developed by DELiGHTWORKS and published by Aniplex. It’s a free to play game with Gacha summoning mechanics common in Japanese Mobage games. It’s a mechanic they used to generate income and give players a chance of rolling servants and craft essences (think of it like equipment cards) with Saint Quartz. You can buy Saint Quartz from their shop, gain it through the story/free quest, and through consecutive login rewards.

Servants are what you summon in the game ranging from one to five stars. Fate Grand Order distinguishes itself from other mobage in their servant’s viability in all aspects of the game. While other mobage games hampers player’s progression if they lack a certain unit, players in Grand Order can complete the campaign with three stars and below servants. It’s all about the synergy of your servants. Servants are classified into different classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Avenger, Ruler, and Alter-Ego. Each servant is strong and weak against other servants. Saber is weak to Archer and strong against Lancer. Lancer is strong against Archer and weak against Saber. Etc. You make a team fitting for the mission.

The summoning screen featuring a rate up servant.

The summoning rate for the game:

5* SSR: 1%
4* SR: 3%
3*: 40%

Craft Essence
5* 4%
4* 12%
3* 40%

Looks terrible right? You have three types of roll options available to you: tickets, a single three quartz roll, and a ten roll costing thirty quartz. The thirty quartz roll guarantees you a four star servant or craft essence. It’s technically the most efficient roll a player can do. The odds are always against you if you want the five star. The game has events that happen every so often which introduces limited servants. As stated on the Grand Order wikia page, “It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Servant cannot be summoned.” There are many campaigns from the GudaGuda event starring limited servant like Okita Souji to the recent SE.RA.PH campaign featuring limited CEs and two limited servants Passionlips and Meltlilith. Most campaigns have welfare servants after completing the event giving the player a free servant with a maxed out noble phantasm (special attack).

The current event in Fate Grand Order featuring the welfare servant B.B

Informal qqing in progress

Now you know the gist of it. Let me explain to you Gacha Hell. When you saved up months and months of quartz to roll for your favorite servant during their rate up (during a rate up, the summoning chance is still listed as above, but the targeted servant in question is likely to show up instead of another. For example, if SSR Artoria Pendragon is the rate up and you happen to summon a five star, the player has increased odds of getting her over all other five star servants) and you get freaking Steel training Kotomine CE and zero SR and SSR after 300 quartz, you’re bound to be in Gacha Hell and despair.


The current event which features Passionlips and Meltlilith, I’ve spent all 150 quartz and 14 tickets trying to get one of the new Alter-Ego classes to no avail. Gacha Gods are cruel q_q.

The game is fun, but if you desire a certain servant,

The game is available on both IOS and Android. I’m going to cry in a corner as I failed another thirty quartz roll. DAMN YOU FOUR STAR CEs!