Gone for a while

So a year has gone by since I’ve posted on this blog. Lack of interest in writing and laziness contributed to this…stagnation. Any sensible person would try climb out of the pit that is laziness, but I’ve wallowed in my own stupidity.

Being unemployed hasn’t helped either. Whatever funds I had saved up in college/part-time job I had before is exhausted. The only upside is living with my parents (A stigma in some circles). So I thought I use Word Press as an outlet to vent some of this frustration.

Besides the venting, I would like to post my usual gaming content on here to tell you my progress or takes on a game. Someone’s bound to read this blog (I hope) and can relate to my predicament. In any case, I hope I can provide entertaining content in the future and try to power through my problems as an individual.


Rage Cage, Happy Holidays, and Likes

I’m absolutely fuming over in League of Legends. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of my teammates. 1v4? Jumps into the fray and gets killed, blames teammates for not backing he/she up when the team is dispersed. All sorts of shit that happens in game makes me really mad. I call it, The Rage Cage. When I’m in that state, I lose it. I’m on tilt. I start making sloppy plays and events start to cascade towards defeat. It’s bad if it happens in ranked games. RAGE CAGE!

Finally reached ten likes on this blog, which surprises me. Ten might not sound a lot, but every little bit of support helps.

Besides that, I’m still fixing my Korean client for Black Desert because I’m getting some weird stutters that seem unusual. I hope you guys have a Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and all that good stuff.


Overwatch Withdrawal

Ever since playing the stressed test beta, I’ve had this craving, this unquenchable desire to play it. Since the game is in closed beta, only a select number of players have access, giving valuable feedback to Blizzard. Supposedly, every Tuesday is a beta wave, randomly flagging accounts to give players a chance at test and playing the game.

Today is Tuesday and the salt is literally raining down from above. Blizzard gave us delicious cake, only for them to take it away. In that cake was a drug that got me hooked to Overwatch. I want my cake back and I want it NOW! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US BLIZZARD! I will do everything in my power to get in. I will construct idols to your glory Blizzard. I will replace the Gaben poster I have on my wall with a poster of Jeff Kaplan. You will have my complete devotion Almighty Blizzard Entertainment!













On a more serious note, I don’t think a wave happened today. If that’s the case, we can only hope there will be one soon because my sanity is slowly withering away.

It’s been a month and Sins of the First Scholar

The increase workload had made me unavailable to do anything for the past month. Spring Break is on the horizon. It should give me time to actually write things, besides short stories and essays.

Sins of the First Scholar is coming out. I’m kind of hype to see the graphical difference and how it plays compared to the previous DX9 version. It should feel the same, but the new enemy placement and addition support in summoning is intriguing. Since PC will never see Bloodborne, this will have to do.

The Frustration of Gaming

Video games entertain us with gameplay, story, and music. There is a flip side. Video games can rile you up, make you so angry that you want to throw your gaming peripheral out the window. I didn’t come across this issue in the early days of Sonic and Panzer Dragoon. Now when I play Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, I lose it sometimes. The frustration when you make every possible perfect play, only to lose to something so random, so out there, that you just freak out. League of Legends is the most frustrating game I have ever played. My mood switches from jubilation to frustration and anger in an instant. Your team can be winning a game so decisively until someone accidentally throws the game into their favor. Ranked matches is the pinnacle of frustration. Want to win that promotional match? Not going to happen because someone on your team gave up in the first ten minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to describe the rage boiling in me when I play competitive games. Does it spill over into the real world? It does. When it happens, get up from your chair and cool off. The one mistake that I see people make is bringing the anger and frustration into the next set of matches. Never let your emotions run wild. It will cloud your judgment. Calm down and reassess what you are doing wrong and push forward. To do well in video games, you need to be calm and analytical. Analyze a person’s or a boss behaviors and apply the appropriate measures for it.

Off topic, I start classes this Wednesday and my time will be tied up writing papers and reading. Did I mention New York City is now experiencing blizzard like weather? Great. This freaking sucks. Now that my rant is over, I can play some more League of Legends. Gods help me.