Season Five of Competitive Overwatch

With only two weeks till the season end, it has been a roller coaster ride for players looking to ascend the ladder. I started out this season at around 3300. My season high of season four was around 3400. Pretty close to masters. Only a week or two ago, I found myself at 3585. I didn’t put too much time into laddering. I did just enough to keep rank decay away and when I felt games were well, I kept going.

I clocked in around 23 hours with 103 games played. I won 57 games, loss 44, and tied two games. Not bad right? There’s no secret to climbing ladder. Just find your calling and push forth. I’m a flex player with a preference towards Genji, Soldier, D.Va, and Ana. I try to play around the team and just do my best. Win or loss, I became a better player by watching pros play. With that knowledge, the only way I could develop better game sense (ult management, positioning, knowing which enemy will have ults, etc) was by playing to the point I can instinctively react to enemies on the fly. By developing my game sense, it helped me with my average mechanical skills. I’m not the best at being pin point accurate with my shots, but I know where to position myself to maximize the hero I’m playing.

Now season 5 has been an uphill battle, particularly with the teams I get queue with. Sometimes you get the dream team. Everyone can fill in different roles. There isn’t an overlap in terms of hero pools. It’s great. Then you get teams with multiple one tricks of the same hero and things start to get shaky. It’s a heated topic on the forums and Reddit. People are tired of playing with teams full of one trick Mercys, Hanzos, Widows, etc. I usually try to play around those players and just be flexible. Always try to keep your cool. The last thing I want is me bitching about the team’s poor performance or being hero countered. I power through it and try my best to turn the situation around in favor for the team. If someone really wants to one trick Hanzo or Widow, I’m like

“Ok, you can play it, but if shit hits the fan and you’re not doing too hot, can you switch?”

Something along those along those lines. I’m playing to win and they probably as well. So I try to play flex to maximize the chances of my team winning. Sometimes games are totally unwinnable. I push it aside and move on to the next game. Leavers, trollers, and DCers happen. There’s nothing you can do but push forward.

Season five to most people is a shit show. I think players want to try something new for a change. Overwatch does get stale after a while and people want to try to branch out to different heroes for easy wins, the challenge, or for fun. If you want to climb the ladder, just keep grinding. If you’re on a losing streak, kick back and do something else. I wish all the players in Overwatch much success in their competitive games.




This post was long overdue. I apologize. I have another story I’ll post in the future of a funny ranked game in Overwatch.

Diving back to Guild Wars 2 (Brief)

Guild War huh…didn’t think I would be playing it again when I have MMOs like Black Desert Online. I bought the game when it first came out and played up to level 36, which is to say not too far into the game. I grew bored with it quickly and had no friends to play with. A friend of mine decided to buy Guild Wars 2 recently. It made me curious to see whether or not the expansion was worth buying. I decided to play the vanilla game.


The things to do in-game blow BDO out of the water. BDO lacks any real PvE content outside of the grind and exploring. Exploring in BDO is there to fill in knowledge which gives you contribution, but it’s shallow in comparison to Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 has PvE events happening all over ranging from escort quest to really annoying champion monsters. There’s also an incentive to explore the map. When you find all the nodes on a map, you get rewarded with treasure. I spent hours going through Divinity’s Reach and the starting zone finding the nodes.

Sense of Scale

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in awe of the size of a game world. Guild Wars 2 main city is massive. I feel insignificant. The sheer size of the buildings and walls makes Calpheon in Black Desert Online seem like an outpost in comparison. It might be a city wallowing in corruption, but it sure is pretty.

Can I be the gardener here?

Magnificent view


The game has revitalized the MMORPG genre for me. What I missed the most when playing BDO was the PvE content and the sense of adventure. Currently there are two sides to BDO: The life skillers and PvPers. I’m mainly do PvP content like node wars and the occasional outlaw killing spree, but the grind is absolutely horrid. Monster grinding for drops is absolutely abysmal and tedious. I’ve spent hours grinding pirates and all the money spots in BDO. It’s boring. It lacks a true dungeon that isn’t gated by gear and level (I’m looking at you Hystria). I’m not asking BDO to add instance content into the game. What I want is more dynamic PvE events in-game. The game feels stale doing the same grind over and over again. I’ll probably be bored with Guild Wars 2 eventually, but I’m having a blast right now.

I still play BDO, but more passively now. I’m still conceptualizing the Overwatch post. I’m not sure what to write.

Gacha Surprise

A day or two after the Grand Order post, a surprise gacha came out of nowhere.

Kiara Gacha

I shouldn’t be surprised. Every gacha event in the game is a bait for another. Like Moriarty’s gacha and then the next day Proto Arthur shows up. Luckily, the three free tickets from the new missions netted me Kiara, everyone’s favorite ero-nun. All I’m missing is Meltlilith and Passionlips. I just need to believe in RNGesus and it should show…right?

On another note, I should have an Overwatch post coming soon. My last one was me begging to get invited and a year later since the game’s launch, I would like to articulate my feelings to you all my love and hatred for the game. Until then!